Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go Team Conan!

When I heard that Jay Leno was stepping down from the "Tonight Show" last year, I was elated. I never found him to be funny and his jokes are for a lack of a better term--awful. So, imagine my surprise when NBC announced they are giving Leno his own show at 10:00. I felt betrayed by NBC because by moving Leno 10:00 all of NBC's dramas would air an hour earlier. Now I am a huge Law and Order fan and having that show moved messes up my entire TV schedule. Thanks, NBC.

Well, that calculated move by NBC and the one who doesn't want to retire [Leno] backfired and caused the company millions in lost ad revenue as most people didn't tune into see Leno deliver the same tired shtick. So, what do Leno and NBC do? Move Leno back to the 11:30 spot. Aw Hell No! Sorry Jay, but you had your time in the sun--move on and let the younger, more talented comedian shine. Conan deserves his chance to be in the 11:30 spot. Not to mention that if this does go through, Jimmy Fallon won't be on until 1:00. So how about you show show a little grace and move quietly out of the limelight?. Remember Johnny Carson? He was class all the way. Maybe you should take this as your cue to get out of television for a while. Learn from your elders and use the time to shine all those cars you purchased! As for the bean counters at NBC, please heed what Conan said and give the man a chance to succeed.


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