Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Future is HERE!

Today Apple unveiled its new toy the iPad [you think they could have come up with a better name, but go figure]. I have been reading all the speculation and hype about this gizmo with calm reserve. However, when I saw the pictures of it today, I must say that it is a work of art and will probably be the demise of the NOOK and the KINDLE.

I immediately thought of how I could get my hands on some cash to buy one, but then I stopped. Why? Sure, I am a self-professed gadget-boy. I love my i-Pod, my Zune, and my laptop. But as I thought about it, the iPad is nifty, but what purpose will it serve in my life? I don't like e-readers [as politically incorrect as that may sound] and if I want to surf the internet with a light portable device, I'd rather take my 500 dollars and spend it on a decent notebook. So no, I will not be drinking the Apple kool-aid this time. Now I just have to find some other shiny object to pique my interest.

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