Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Ass Religious Leaders...I Mean Lunatics.

I'm sitting here reading my afternoon updates of the Huffington Post and stumbled across this wonderful gem. It seems Mr. Robertson believes that the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday was the result of the people of Haiti making a pact with the devil so they wouldn't be under French rule. Seriously? Is this for real? But I guess I shouldn't be surprised as this was the same moron that blamed 9/11 on homosexuals and abortionists. How's that for being a good "Christian?"

For something even more absurd, the Pope has decided to criticize the movie "Avatar." According to the Prada-wearing-Pope, the movie is, "flirting with the idea that worship of nature can replace religion." If only, Miss Thing! How about this; instead of you making comments about some action flick, how about you turn your introspection back on to your religion and look at some of it's flaws. Not so pretty, huh? So do me a favor and let Mr. Cameron stick to making action movies and you can continue to preach your arcane relgious doctrine. Thanks!


  1. The opiate of the masses, and the masses are asses!

  2. i'm sorry, but i just can't grant people like this an audience. i really can't. but i especially enjoyed seeing you refer to the leader of the catholic world as "miss thing". analog boy, it is clear that you are not only black, but proud as well. what a lovely combination. holla!

  3. Miss Star--

    I gotta represent the People! Word!