Friday, January 29, 2010

Cry Me a River

Now that Coco is off the air [sadness], Jay Leno went on the Oprah show to talk about how he and the NBC execs shafted Conan. No sorry, let me get that straight--he was on Oprah crying how he has been vilified in this debacle. To quote el Leno "It all comes down to numbers in show business."

Really? I wonder if that would have been your sentiment say when you took over from Johnny Carson. Remember, your ratings weren't great? Wouldn't it have been funny if the NBC execs said, "Sorry Jay, but your ratings are in the tank and we gotta let you go. It all comes down to numbers in show business. See ya!" Conan wasn't given a real chance to succeed or fail. Just remember that when you come back to the Tonight Show in March--don't expect your ratings to be back for a while, either...David Letterman has stolen your thunder. 

To quote my friend Mrs. J., "When he first announced Conan would take over 6 years ago or so, he was all, "I wish him the best, I want nothing to do with it." Suddenly it comes time for him to leave and he's like "Waaaah, let me have the 10 o'clock hour!" and screws up Law & Order among other good shows, and that gets terrible ratings, and he's like,"Well I'm not leaving until you give me the Tonight Show back." Now Conan is out on his ass and as far as I am concerned Jay Leno is the biggest asshole in Hollywood (reminder: Mel Gibson is in Hollywood) and he's not even funny. Well said Mrs. J., well said. 

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