Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bye, Bye, Baby. Bye, Bye!

Yes, I'm sure President Clinton meant well when he signed DADT into law, but in reality, it just made things worse for gays and lesbians who wanted to serve their country. Not to mention the fact that discharging all those servicemen cost the United States millions of dollars [between 363-400 million] and weakened our efforts in trying to stop more terrorist attacks, by discharging Arabic linguists.

I'm glad President Obama had the courage of his convictions to reverse this law and allow gays and lesbians to serve openly and proudly.

The Rise of Another Evil Empire...

It looks like the supervisors at Amazon like to have their employees work on 110 degree heat. Somehow if the workplace was had a union, I don't think this would happen, but I guess this is the 'new normal' for the working class. It makes me wonder when we [the American workers] are going to say 'enough is enough' and stop taking this shit from greedy corporations. I may have to find another online retailer soon...

I love the Foo Fighters!

The Foo Fighters lay the smack-down on those ass-hats from Westboro Baptist Church! I must say I have been a fan of the Foos ever since I first heard 'This is a Call' and they continue to surprise me with each new album they release. But BOY did they make me happy for having massive cajones for stepping up to these idiots and taking them to task for their archaic beliefs.

As Mr. Grohl said, 
"God Bless America! It takes all kinds; I don't care if you're black or white or purple or green, whether you're Pennsylvanian or Transylvanian, Lady gaga or Lady Antebellum. Men loving women and women loving men and men loving men and women loving women -- you all know we like to watch that. But what I'd like to say is, God Bless America, y'all!"

Amen, Dave, amen! Now if only some other musicians would do the same... I'd love to see Beyonce take on Westboro...That would NEVER happen, but a gay guy can dream, can't he? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer is Gone!

Where did the summer go? I remember getting ready for all of the conferences and trade shows I had to attend and then July was here! Now it's September and I can't say what I did with my time...Oh, I know, I worked! I have 22 days of vacation time and I only took a few days off this summer. I need some me time in a big way!

I did manage to get to NOLA this summer, but it was work related. The good news is that I got to hang out with an old friend, eat some delicious food, and get a tattoo! I was also in *ahem* New York City. Needless to say, I had an awful time there. One thing was that I stayed at the lovely Pennsylvania Hotel. That hotel is a $#!t hole! I'm surprised that I didn't get bedbugs from that place! It smelled like a homeless person's socks from the 1920s! It STANK big time! I heard they are going to demolish the building this year. I say better sooner than later.

The other issue I had with NYC was the attitude of it's inhabitants. I'm sorry, but New Yorkers are the rudest people I have encountered in all my life. Walking the sidewalks of NYC isn't an easy feat when there are people walking aimlessly about--especially in Times Square. People, you've seen that ad in Times Square 1,000 times...get over it and move on! When I was younger, I loved NY, but now once I get there, I want to leave in a few hours. Too loud, too rude, too much of everything. Give me Philly any day.

Back to the end of summer. Hopefully I will be able to stream Kevin Smith's new movie, Red State this weekend. I also plan on making a blue berry cheesecake! Yummo! I did manage to get to the gym a lot this summer--and I went in the morning! When fall rolls around, I doubt if I'll be that ambitious.

Summer, it was good seeing you again--you were hot, dry and kinda uneventful. That is until you brought that bitch Irene to the party for a few days. I forgive you for that. See you next year.