Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer is Gone!

Where did the summer go? I remember getting ready for all of the conferences and trade shows I had to attend and then July was here! Now it's September and I can't say what I did with my time...Oh, I know, I worked! I have 22 days of vacation time and I only took a few days off this summer. I need some me time in a big way!

I did manage to get to NOLA this summer, but it was work related. The good news is that I got to hang out with an old friend, eat some delicious food, and get a tattoo! I was also in *ahem* New York City. Needless to say, I had an awful time there. One thing was that I stayed at the lovely Pennsylvania Hotel. That hotel is a $#!t hole! I'm surprised that I didn't get bedbugs from that place! It smelled like a homeless person's socks from the 1920s! It STANK big time! I heard they are going to demolish the building this year. I say better sooner than later.

The other issue I had with NYC was the attitude of it's inhabitants. I'm sorry, but New Yorkers are the rudest people I have encountered in all my life. Walking the sidewalks of NYC isn't an easy feat when there are people walking aimlessly about--especially in Times Square. People, you've seen that ad in Times Square 1,000 times...get over it and move on! When I was younger, I loved NY, but now once I get there, I want to leave in a few hours. Too loud, too rude, too much of everything. Give me Philly any day.

Back to the end of summer. Hopefully I will be able to stream Kevin Smith's new movie, Red State this weekend. I also plan on making a blue berry cheesecake! Yummo! I did manage to get to the gym a lot this summer--and I went in the morning! When fall rolls around, I doubt if I'll be that ambitious.

Summer, it was good seeing you again--you were hot, dry and kinda uneventful. That is until you brought that bitch Irene to the party for a few days. I forgive you for that. See you next year.

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