Monday, December 7, 2009

They Shoot Gay People, Don't They?

After last week's defeat of marriage equity for gay couples in NY state, I didn't things could get worse. Well, it turns out I was wrong. It appears that there is a bill that will more than likely pass in Uganda that call for the execution of LGBT and people with HIV.

According to the website Talk to Action and other sources, the bill will more than likely pass. So in this day and age we have genocide sponsored by political and religious zealots.

Rick Warren the founder and pastor of Saddleback Church has tacitly backed this decree by Martin Ssempa, a religious nutcase and creator of the bill. So, let me get this straight [forgive the pun]: Two 'Men of God' believe that it's OK to kill a minority because they don't like said minority. Where have I read about that before? Oh, yeah, that's right...the Holocaust, the Inquisition, the KKK, you get the picture. What's even more chilling is that so far there hasn't been one major news organization to cover this holocaust that is about to unfold. Could it be that we Americans are tired of the 'gay' thing? Or is it that killing gays in a land that is so impoverished anyway isn't news-worthy?

Also, where is the outrage or concern for this threatened minority from the UN, the Pope [yeah, right he's too busy wondering about the new Prada slippers for spring 2010] or any other religious figure?  Either way things do not look good for my LGBT brothers and sisters in Uganda. I hope they will be able to find asylum somehow and escape this hell that is about to be unleashed.


  1. Both Canada and the British Govenrment have asked Uganda to Withdraw this new "law". The UN has spoken out against this as well - but hey, no one in the US of A cares, when they've got Tiger Woods to worry about.

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