Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hurry Up February 9!

I have been following the band Massive Attack ever since I heard "Unfinished Sympathy" at a party in 1991. Blue Lines, Achtung Baby and Nevermind were in my CD player for months on end--they provided the soundtrack to my life that year. While Nirvana fell apart and U2 have disappointed me with some of their releases, Massive Attack always seemed to hit the mark for me. Their musical style has a sound all its own and leaves me wanting more;  which is a good thing. 

Next week Massive Attack will release their latest effort entitled Heligoland. Needless to say, I am counting down the days until February 9! So far the reviews have been favorable, but I honestly don't care what the reviewers say. This is one band that produces carefully, thought-out other words ART. They don't have  flashy videos, gimmicks or tons of hype behind them, just talent and the willingness to take chances. 

As a bonus for February 9, Hot Chip and Sade are releasing new CDs as well. I know where I'm going to be spending my money next wee!. If I'm feeling ambitious, I may even write a review of the CDs I purchase. 

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