Monday, May 10, 2010

In a World Full of "Amazing" Singers, We Really Lost One This Time.

Lena Horne was a class act. When people talk about 'amazing' singers they are usually referring to those who prance around a stage with rhythm track and lots of dubbed vocals. Ms. Horne represented a class of singer that we no longer see--one who has the ability to render any song into something beautiful and otherworldly. Lena you can now sing with your fellow songbirds; Ella, Billie, Dinah, Nina, Blossom, and Minnie. Thanks for your fantastic contribution to American culture! You will be missed. 


  1. She was an American original - right up there with Sinatra and Garland. A true talent that will never be replaced.

    There are no stars anymore, well, maybe one, maybe J-Lo.

  2. seriously?! man, i didn't know. what a bummer. i loved when she was on laugh-in and read "if lbj took lena horne to see his cattle ranch he'd be taking the horne by the bull." such a shame that she's gone.